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It's All About the Road

It's All About the Road
The Open Road is an idea that has inspired artists, writers and poets for decades.


From the Great American Road Trip, immortalised by Jack Kerouac’s iconic countercultural novel On the Road, to the socialist ideals of Che Guevara and his Motorcycle Diaries memoir; it has often been inextricably bound with spiritual growth and fulfilment.


But what of today, is there still a lust for adventure and exploration, or has the age of technology cured us of our wanderlust?


Do we still yearn to cast off the metaphorical shackles and experience life from a different perspective, or has that itch been scratched, now everything we ever needed to know about our planet can be accessed instantly in multi-media, at a single keystroke?

 Alfa Romeo


One Endeavour recently caught up with Cool & Vintage, two Portuguese entrepreneurs who firmly believe the spirit of adventure is thriving, despite the demands of the tech age.


In fact, they believe people now, more than ever, are yearning to go beyond their comfort zones, try something new and get more out of life.


For Cool & Vintage, the road trip is the ultimate expression of happiness, a chance to embark on a journey with infinite possibilities. But for them it’s not all about the trip; it’s also about the vehicle.


They are leading a global community of like-minded globetrotters and world travellers who understand the freedom of the open road, and the simple joy derived from driving a great car to beautiful places.


And if you thought the idea of owning a vintage car was out of the question, then think again. These guys are serious about tackling that mental barrier, helping their customers understand that cool and vintage doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.


Ricardo Pessoa, co-founder of Cool & Vintage: “A lot of people are buying cars as an investment, rather than something to drive every day. We’re actually more into the people who want to get out on the road. The people who actually enjoy cars and take them on road trips.”


“We have sold cars to Wall Street bankers, Royalty and Hollywood stars, but we have also sold to students who have saved up for years to travel the world in a vintage classic.”

The types of cars they are talking about are usually under-rated classics that the guys have brought back to life with a little care attention.


Cars like the Datsun 240Z, a seriously cool automobile, or the Ford Escort MK1 RS2000. The list also includes the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, the BMW 1602 and the Saab 96 V4.


They are probably best known, however, for their love of early model Land Rovers, that icon of British motoring that has taken on cult status among many car enthusiasts.


Former fashion photographers, the guys were inspired to start Cool & Vintage by the adventurers who used to race from London to Cape Town in the 1960s, collecting great stories along the way.

Ricardo again: “In the first few minutes that you drive a new car, you have this moment when you envision everywhere you want to go with it, it’s like a giant road trip you run through your head. Time freezes for a while and you can just dream.”


“We love meeting people who know us and recognise the name in a positive way. That’s awesome.”


And their dream road trip?


“We would love to travel the world in a trashed Rolls Royce Corniche with the soft top down all the way.”


They obviously aren’t including the UK in that itinerary then…


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